At Refresh we take a Lot of Pride in our work, always maintaining a very high Standard in what we do. we have a good eye for detail and always happy to help.

We care about our customers a lot, So our tidyness around Jobs & Overall outcome of the Job is very Important to us, were Trustworthy & Have a lot of ...

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Elevate Your Space With Our Comprehensive Services

Refresh Coatings NI is your one-stop destination for a wide array of painting and decorating services that will breathe life into your surroundings. Our dedicated team takes pride in offering a range of expertise that transcends the conventional boundaries of interior and exterior enhancement.

At Refresh Coatings ...

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Kitchen Spraying/ReSpraying


Theres no need to go Through the upheaval of Changing your Kitchen, That Can Take weeks, when we can give it a Modern Refresh/New Look in a Matter of days.


A lot of our Work Time goes into Preparation Keeping all surfaces clean & Safe all this will be done on the first ...

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Our Most Recent Refreshes

Painted house from top to bottom

I’ve used this company few times and Would highly recommend them


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